For all our quartz watches, we are using solely Ronda movements. Ronda is probably the best manufacturer of quartz movements in the world, surpassing even ETA. This Swiss company was founded in 1946 and has ever since produced the most accurate quartz movements within its industry. Its movements are accurate and reliable while lasting for years before the batteries need to be changed.

For all our automatic watches, we are using solely Miyota movements. This Japanese movement manufacturer is the perfect balance between cost and quality. Its movements are extremely reliable while being very accurate. Miyota is not yet on par with ETA, but they are not far behind, which is especially the case for the 90S5 movement we chose.

In the future, we are even considering to use Chinese Seagull movements with complications, which allows for a good balance between cost and quality.


Currently, we are using two kinds of crystals. For our quartz watches, we use a K1 Mineral crystal. For our automatic watches, we use a Sapphire crystal. Both have an antireflective coating and both are double curved. Double curved crystals are more expensive to produce, but also allow to see the dial from various angles (see right side of below picture). Single curved crystals are especially bad for flat viewing angles (see the left side of below picture), since it blurs out the view and covers the whole crystal in a milky fog.

Currently, we are evaluating if we are going to use Sapphire crystals for all our models. A Sapphire crystal is harder and very difficult to scratch. But the price is also higher and a low-quality Sapphire crystal might change colour within a short time.


Multi Strap Design

We have come up with a design for some of our models to exchange straps easily and fast. To do so, we have created “Bent Lugs”, which allow for the strap to slide in smoothly, while giving a nice fit. These multi strap models (R1 Date & R1 Automatic) always come with two straps - one leather and one nylon strap. In total we offer ten different straps from which our clients can mix and match, offering endless styling possibilities.

Multi Strap Design


All our watches come with brushed cases, whereas individual parts are either brushed or polished. In future we will offer our watches in three main finishes: brushed, polished and satin.


The colours we offer are all reached by 0.8µm PVD coating. Coating is technically a wrong term since the colour is not set on top of the base material, but rather enters it by the specified depth. In our case it is 0.8 microns. Entry level watches usually feature between 0.2 to 0.6 micron and high end watches up to 1.2 microns depth. Some PVD coatings even offer a "hardening" of the base materials surface by two to four times its starting hardness.

Currently, we only offer black and rose gold PVD coating, whereas in future we might be using some or all of the below-shown colours.