The idea of Ragazzo the brand emerged in the mid-nineties from a desire to create lifestyle products and a company that would reflect our values. It took the next fifteen years, but the idea has matured into an Italian lifestyle accessories brand bringing our versatile and unique products to customers who can be confident that they are wearing a true original. Passion for details — This is what Ragazzo represents.

Each product is built to express personality in a subtle but elegant way. Utilising fine materials, finishes, and colours to emphasise the character of the design, while delivering real quality to the customer.

Our heritage and engineering background drive most of our design decisions, making sure a product not only looks unique but delivers on its promise of being a simple yet emotional lifestyle accessory.

Andrea Ragazzo

Andrea was born and raised in Switzerland, where at the age of seventeen he attended the Art Institute of Bern to follow his passion for design. Two years later, the commercial side of his career began with an apprenticeship as a draftsman. Since then, the pursuit of creating unique consumer products has been his focus.

While developing products in a Swiss engineering firm, Andrea studied mechanical engineering at the University of Applied Science in Bern. During this time, he began working with Chinese factories, establishing a deep understanding of design for manufacturing.

After graduating, Andrea took an opportunity to work in Hong Kong. Three years later, he followed his passion again creating a successful design and product development company — Ragazzo Design Studio.

Having not only the desire to create unique products but also the theoretical understanding and practical experience, he took the final step and Ragazzo was launched.

Considering Andrea's Italian origins, Swiss upbringing and passion for details, the choice to start with watches just felt right.